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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Demographic characteristics of participants using IoT

No. Type of care Sex Age Type of Cancer Stage
1 PCH Female 77 Colon cancer IV
2 PCH Male 83 Pancreas cancer IV
3 PCH Female 60 Bladder cancer IV
4 PCH Female 46 Lung cancer IV
5 PCH Male 89 Stomach cancer IV
6 PCH and PCU Female 72 Colon cancer IV
7 PCH and PCU Male 66 Bladder cancer IV
8 PCH and PCU Female 79 Colon cancer IV
9 PCH and PCU Female 76 Chondrosarcoma IV
10 PCH and PCU Female 88 Rectosigmoid colon cancer IV
11 PCH and PCU Male 79 Liver cell carcinoma IV

IoT, internet of things; PCH, palliative care at home; PCU, palliative care unit.

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