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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Changes in neck circumference and handgrip strength according to increasing age

Age group 60-64 65-69 70-74 75
Male NC (cm) 37.98±0.14a 37.76±0.21a 37.65±0.24a 36.96±0.20b*
AHGS (kg) 38.45±0.47a 37.26±0.60b* 33.77±0.65c* 30.31±0.69d*
RHGS (m2) 1.59±0.02a 1.56±0.03a* 1.43±0.03b* 1.31±0.03c*
Female NC (cm) 33.10±0.10 32.99±0.15 33.15±0.16 32.90±0.14
AHGS (kg) 23.26±0.27a 22.61±0.37a 21.69±0.38b* 18.20±0.37c*
RHGS (m2) 0.98±0.01a 0.95±0.02ab 0.90±0.02b* 0.78±0.02c*

Data are presented as means±standard error.

Superscript (a, b, c, d): different superscript shows post-hoc results using the bonferroni in the ANOVA (P<0.05).

NC, neck circumference; AHGS, absolute handgrip strength; RHGS, relative handgrip strength.

*It means the mean value shows significantly difference compared with 60-64 age group (P<0.01).

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