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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

The results of physical examination and functional ability

At initial exam (3 days after onset) At discharge (13 days after onset)
Height 160 cm 160 cm
Weight 40 kg 40 kg
K-BBS 4 8
K-MBI 21 28
FMA-UE (right/left) 66/40 66/46
K-MMSE 25 25
Neglect test - star cancellation Normal Normal
Neglect test - Albert test Normal Normal
Calf circumference (right/left) 25.9 cm/26.0 cm 26.0 cm/26.0 cm
Hand grip strength (right/left) 16 kg/2 kg 18 kg/6 kg
SARC-F* 10 10
5-time chair stand test UC UC
6-meter gait speed UC UC
Sit to stand Moderate assist Minimal assist
Standing balance Poor Poor

*SARC-F, a simple questionnaire to screen sarcopenia which consits of strength, assistance walking, rise from a chair, climb stairs, and falls. K-BBS, Korean version of Berg Balance Scale; K-MBI, Korean version of Modified Barthel Index; FMA-UE, Fugl-Meyer Assessment of the Upper Extremity Scale; K-MMSE, Korean Mini-Mental Status Examination; SPPB, Short Physical Performance Battery; UC, Uncheckable.

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