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Korean J Clin Geri 2023 Dec;24(3):89-130
Review Articles
Pharmacological Treatment for Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Elderly
Hee-Jin Hwang
Korean J Clin Geri 2023 Dec;24(3):89-92
Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C in Older Adults
Jong Eun Yeon
Korean J Clin Geri 2023 Dec;24(3):93-99
Recent Insights on Blood-Pressure Control Goals and Management for the Elderly
Sang-Ho Park
Korean J Clin Geri 2023 Dec;24(3):100-103
Original Articles
Relationship between Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Hyperuricemia Based on the 7th and 8th Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Sunmi Kim
Korean J Clin Geri 2023 Dec;24(3):104-114
Prescription Change in Older Adults Patients with End-Stage Cancer after Transition to Palliative Care
Ji Ae Heo, Youn Seon Choi, Jae Young Park, Jung Sik Son
Korean J Clin Geri 2023 Dec;24(3):115-121
Case Reports
A Case of Lung Cancer with Persistent Anorexia and Weight Loss after COVID-19 Infection
Seung Hun Lee, Jeong-Gyu Lee
Korean J Clin Geri 2023 Dec;24(3):122-126
Dyskinesia-Hyperpyrexia Syndrome in Patient with Parkinson’s Disease Mistaken for General Seizure
Dar-Eun Jung, In-Uk Song
Korean J Clin Geri 2023 Dec;24(3):127-130
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Gait Disorders
Dong Kuck Lee
Nutritional Assessment and Proper Management of Malnutrition in Elderly Patients
Hyejin Chun
Received August 24, 2018; Accepted September 17, 2018.
Sleep Disorders in the Elderly
Jung Eun Oh
Received December 17, 2014; Accepted March 16, 2015.

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