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Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):1-71
Review Articles
Considerations for Dental Implant in the Elderly
Hye Bin Ahn, Su Young Lee
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):1-8
The Geriatric Diabetic Foot
Hyonsurk Kim
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):9-15
Residual Neuropsychiatric Sequelae of the Elderly and Neurocognitive Disorder Patients Who Recovered from Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) : A review
Kayoung Kim
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):16-22
Introduction for the Questionnaires for Restless Legs Syndrome
Jung A Park, Keun Tae Kim
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):23-26
Original Articles
An Experience of the Early Stage of COVID-19 Outbreak in Nursing Homes in Gyeonggi Province, Korea
Gawon Choi, Na-young Kim, Seon-young Lee, Hae Deun Noh, Heeyoung Lee
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):27-35
Socio-Demographic Factors Affecting the Elderly's Preference for Life-Sustaining Treatment: Based on the 2017 National Survey of Older Koreans
Sang-Jun Shin, Hyeong-Cheol Lee, Hee-Taik Kang
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):36-43
Unsupervised Machine Learning Analysis on Muscle Activities in Elderly’s Gait and Proposal for a Rehabilitation Exercise Method in Geriatric Physical Education
Jaehyuk Lee
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):44-50
Association of Neck Circumference with Handgrip Strength and Metabolic Syndrome in Older Adults
Yun Jin Kim, Gyu Lee Kim, Jeong Gyu Lee, Yu Hyeon Yi, Young Jin Tak, Seung Hun Lee, Young Jin Ra, Sang Yeoup Lee, Eun Ju Park, Youngin Lee, Jung In Choi, Sae Rom Lee
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):51-58
Association between Normal Weight Central Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Middle-Aged Men
Hyun Joe, Jung-Eun Oh
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):59-66
Case Report
Salvage of Both Lower Limbs with Multiple Crushing Injuries in an Octogenarian
Hong Bae Jeon, Hyonsurk Kim
Korean J Clin Geri 2022 Jun;23(1):67-71
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Gait Disorders
Dong Kuck Lee
Sleep Disorders in the Elderly
Jung Eun Oh
Received December 17, 2014; Accepted March 16, 2015.
Clinical Approach to the Patient in Coma
Dong Kuck Lee, M.D.

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